The Evolution of the Whistler Blackcomb Avalanche Control Programs And the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association.

Avalanche control at Whistler/Blackcomb

Come join us for a leisurely 4hr hike in the majestic Whistler Mtn Alpine where your hosts, veteran Avalanche Forecasters Anton Horvath and Tony Sittlinger will be on hand to discuss how the Avalanche Control Programs on Whistler Blackcomb have evolved from the formative years in the early 70s on Whistler Mtn, to today. Whistler Blackcomb, having over 200 avalanche slide paths, has one of the largest and most comprehensive avalanche control programs in the world.

In addition, your hosts for the day will include Bruce Watt, and Brian Finestone. Bruce is a retired Veteran Whistler Mtn Professional Patroller and founder of the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association, while Brian is the current President of the association.

Avalanche control at Whistler/BlackcombThe Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association ( CARDA ) was founded in 1978, and is an organization dedicated to saving the lives of avalanche victims. Made up of volunteers who have passed an intensive training program, CARDA strives to maintain a network of efficient avalanche search and rescue dog teams in Canada. The training program was initially patterned after the German Berghwacht dog program. A certification Standard was developed in conjunction with the RCMP, Parks Canada, and the Provincial Emergency Program of BC. CARDAs training standard is high and requires a dedicated team to work for two years to achieve a validation. This high standard is the benchmark in the rescue dog industry and CARDA instructors have been sought for assistance with developing dog training programs around the world.

CARDA dog at Whistler/Blackcomb

Come and spend some time with CARDA founder and instructor Bruce Watt and CARDA president and instructor Brian Finestone to hear stories of success, training and missions in Canadas avalanche rescue dog world.

Meet at the base of the Village Gondola at 9:45. We will be uploading at 10:00 am and downloading at 2:pm. Please fell free to continue to hike on your own after the tour, but remember that the last ride down on the Gondola is at 5pm sharp.

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