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Maybe you just came off the Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain Bike Park hucking gnarly, slimy, root infested near vertical lines at the most popular mountain bike park in the world. Maybe you just enjoyed the vistas from the top of Whistler Mountain during the AVI & CARDA Tour or maybe you just came off the Glacier Hike or the Olympic Facilities Tour in the Callaghan. Yet, maybe you're still pumped up from the hockey game or haven't done anything at all today, the mountain bike X-country rides are a MUST for you! We have picked two rides of different ability levels to wet your appetite and make you thirsty for the BBQ and Social with 'THE HAIRFARMERS' at Garibaldi Lift Company.

John on his bike John on his bike

"Here is one of your guides, doing one of the many things he loves in the Great Outdoors (the scenery in Whistler is different though!)"


Even if you have never been on a mountain bike, you will still enjoy this mellow, yet stunning, awesome, you-might-start-wishing-it-will-never-end mountain bike ride. Located in the famous "Lost Lake Trails System" right next to Whistler Village, this ride will take your breath away. It's totally easy and winds it's way up and down a hill in the middle of Whistler Valley. Different viewpoints will give you breathtaking vistas of Whistler and the surrounding mountains. There is no technical difficulty along this single track trail which is popular with local runners and mountain bikers as well as with tourists that will forever be addicted to mountain biking after this!
Should time and energy permit, for those people who would like to continue on and tackle some moderately technical singletrack, there are the Zappa Trails. Also located in the Lost Lake area, they occasionally intersect with Tin Pants, but form a separate and intricate network of trails that are very popular with Whistler cross-country riders. The various sections are named for Frank Zappa songs. If you like medium technical singletrack you will love these trails.


For the more experienced rider we have picked a Whistler jewel. This is one of Whistlers signature trails and is considered a "must ride" for dedicated cross-country riders visiting Whistler. It is all technical singletrack, with a log ride across the river, a plank ride across a dry river bed, and several ramps, bridges and up-and-overs. Along the way there are various optional stunts including a heavy log teeter-totter, a crooked teeter-totter, and log and ramp rides. If you consider yourself a mountain biker then you wont want to miss this ride.
For those riders who survive the main section of "River" and are looking for an even greater challenge there is another section of the ride that ups the ante. The trail is mostly technical narrow ramp riding through the trees. If you can clean this section then you are a rider. Local bikers often wear armor here.

Rides starts at 16:00 in front of the Whistler Conference Centre and will bring you back to the Garibaldi Lift Company just in time for the party!

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